SSD 480GB ULTRA2 SATA3 W500R550 MBPS 2.5
SSD 480GB ULTRA2 SATA3 W500R550 MBPS 2.5-1
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SSD 480GB ULTRA2 SATA3 W500R550 MBPS 2.5


Caratteristiche speciali

TRIM support Si

Certificati di sicurezza

MTBF 1750000h


Colore del prodotto Black

Condizioni ambientali

  • Prezzo€ 149,50

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Caratteristiche speciali

TRIM support Si

Certificati di sicurezza

MTBF 1750000h


Colore del prodotto Black

Condizioni ambientali

Intervallo temperatura di funzionamento 0 - 70°C
Shock di funzionamento 1500G


Interfacce SSD Serial ATA III
Wi-Fi No

Dettagli tecnici

Interno Si
S.M.A.R.T support Si
Velocità di trasferimento dati 6Gbit/s

Dimensioni e peso

Altezza 7mm
Larghezza 69.85mm
Profondità 100.5mm

Disk drive

Capacità SSD 480GB
Dimensione 2.5
stampa litografica 19nm


Algoritmi di sicurezza supportati -

Trasmissione dati

Velocità di lettura 550MB/s
Velocità di scrittura 500MB/s

Everything You Do On Your Computer—Faster

How fast does your data transfer? How fast do your apps load? Could you brush your teeth in the time it takes for your PC to boot up in the morning? For most users, speed is the first thing on the wish list. Thanks to the innovations in our nCache 2.0 technology, SanDisk Ultra II SSD literally does every task faster than a typical hard disk drive. What used to take minutes happens in just a few seconds.

Performance Means More Than Just Speed

Speed is important, and SanDisk Ultra II SSD delivers it, but our performance test results measure more than the fastest speed a computer can achieve for a few seconds at a time. Performance means how long you can count on that speed, how consistently your PC responds, how many things you can do at once without stalling out. It means how well your drive withstands the stresses the world hands out. On a whole range of important metrics, SanDisk Ultra II SSD performs up to 28 times** better than the hard disk drive you’re using now.

Huge Storage Capacity, Built In

You keep lots of tunes, photos and videos on your PC. You use it for socializing, shopping, banking, email and your online classes. You play games—by yourself or with other people. Add a few more dozen handy apps. And then there’s work. Amazing how much space those presentations, PDFs, spread sheets and documents take up. With SanDisk Ultra II SSD, you can add enough capacity for everything you do on your computer, up to a monster 960GB**, and still have room to spare.

Funzionamento silenzioso

Hard disk drives were great in their day, but let’s face it—they had their downsides. First your laptop would get so hot you couldn’t really hold it on your lap. Then the fan would start up and make a lot of noise. Sometimes you blew through your battery in what seemed like the blink of an eye. With a SanDisk Ultra II SSD, all that is history. With no moving parts inside, your PC will run cool and quiet, your battery will last up to 15% longer and you’ll use less electricity too**

Sei sempre al corrente

Con il pannello SanDisk SSD, puoi controllare in qualunque momento le prestazioni dell’unità, quali aggiornamenti del firmware sono disponibili e cosa puoi fare per mantenere le prestazioni al picco.

Additional third-party software features include:

Cloning software to create an exact replica of an old drive onto the new SanDisk Ultra II SSD in three easy steps with Apricorn’s EZ GIG IV
Antivirus protection for what consumers do most online—email, socialize, and browse with Trend

Micro™ Titanium™ Antivirus+

Security service for reliably locating and returning stolen devices by Absolute LoJack, the leader in data protection and theft recovery

Available capacities: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB**

Dimensioni: 2,75 x 3,96 x 0,28 in (69,85 mm x 100,5 mm x 7,0 mm)

Urti: Resistant up to 1500G

Vibration: Resistant 5 gRMS, 10-2000 HZ / 4,9 gRMS, 7-800 HZ)

Temperature: da 0 ºC a 70 ºC

Interfaccia: SATA Revision 3.0 (6 Gb/s)

Endurance: MTBF: 1,75 million hours**